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Weekends are always hard...

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Weekends are always hard...

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But I've done okay. I did cereal both mornings for breakfast. Yesterday's lunch was wings with a little bit of salad. I didn't really do a dinner last night, but I had some crackers and chips--okay, I'll admit, not so good. Today's lunch was roast and rice. A very small serving of rice. I'm going to have a few slices of pizza tonight, because I'm doing so well with my water. Its back to salads, etc. in the morning.

The good news is that I've dropped 4 pounds of what was probably water weight that I was carrying around. It drops fast when I don't drink. I'm working out too, which is great. We'll see how it goes this week.

Other than that, I have a tremendous headache right now. I would love to lay out of work tomorrow, but seriously, I've done nothing all weekend. I need to just grin and bear it. I hate headaches, though.
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