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February 8th, 2008

This might work...

Last night, I got home so late that I just had a small bowl of cereal. I hated to cook anything and then turn around and go to bed. I had cereal again this morning and now I'm having my salad--I've substituted the ham with turkey. And no snacks today--just water.

So far so good...will this work because I have to own up to what I'm eating?

February 7th, 2008


I didn't eat the salad I brought...it was all wilty. So I got one from the cafeteria. No dressing, just oil and vinager. Ham and swiss. It was good. I'm full now, but thirsty. Today hasn't been a good water day--I left my bottle at home.

What's for supper?

Food for Thought

I'm going to start keeping a food diary. Yay. I have several blogs that I'm working on (most are on blogger) so when I'm updating those, I'll update this one with food! And maybe I'll get back into checking it often and posting what else is going on in my life, besides eating myself out of house and home.

Its time to take what's going in and hold it in front of my face. I feel like I eat well, but I know its got to be the little things that are adding up and holding me at this weight. Its not a bad weight, but its not where I want to be.

So, today...

I had honey nut cheerios for breakfast and now I'm having a diet coke. I have a hangover. I needed the DC.

I bypassed the pigs in the blanket in the lounge. I brought a salad for lunch. But I realized the other day that my vinagarette was probably more fattening than I thought. So I need some new dressing.

The biggest thing is my way is alcohol. I like to drink. I can't help it. It tastes good and relieves the stress. But I've got to do better about that. I am drinking Mich Ultra now, and doing that sparingly. I'm a Jack girl. Jack and diets are my fave. My goal, though, is to not do so much of that. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Does anyone know a good calorie counting website?

January 7th, 2008

2008 is in the house! There are some ups and downs to this year already, and its only 7 days old. Good--I got all new furniture! Bad--I'll be getting the bills soon. Good--I had a nice long Christmas break! Bad--I'm back at work.

I've decided that I work entirely too hard. But it seems to be paying off. I spent the last hour typing up an article to send in the ACSD (a journal I subsribe to) and I have also had a job offer in the last month. I think that whenever you get an offer when you are not looking, you must be doing something right. But I'm still working too hard.

I recently got some bad news from a very close friend. Her husband has a brain tumor and basically needs a miracle. They are the parents of two small children and it literally turns my stomach to think of what she is facing. Now if anyone can do it, she can. But why should she have to? Why should someone so young be struck with such hardship and tragedy?

With all this being put into perspective, I've got to do better about enjoying life. Its way too short, apparently.

December 8th, 2007

Its been a while since I've posted. Months, in fact. But while I sit here and enjoy Texas Hold 'Em on Facebook, it seems like a good time to update.

Christmas is here and I'm wavering on being in the mood. I've done a lot of shopping, so I'm proud about that. I still have some more to do, but I'm headed to Chuck town tomorrow and should be able to finish it up while I'm down there. The jury's still out on what to get my sister...I have an idea, but I should probably supplement it with something. I've decorated my mantel, but that's it. My roommate is moving out in a few weeks, so I haven't done anything else. The house will be in total upheaval while his furniture goes out and my new stuff comes in. I'm very excited about my new furniture though. Its tres chic. I'm still in the market for a new dining room table. I can't decide if I want a four seater or a six seater.

I'll probably do some shopping online today...I've seen some cool things in the magazines. Just little stuff. But little stuff can be fun stuff.

What's really on my mind right now is the senseless murder of a 20 year old former Newberry High student. It makes absolutely no sense and I want to tirade on so many people. But I'm going to nix that for now. Maybe later.

Happy Holidays!

(no subject)

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July 13th, 2007

Eat mor chiken!

Apparently its eat more chicken day or something at chic-fil-a.  I was in the mood to do just that so they gave me a stuffed cow which I brought home and promptly fed to Maggie.  Which she promptly carried around in her mouth.  I was just about to take the perfect picture--her sitting there, the slogan visible, very cute--when I knocked over my hash browns.  I lost it.  She never regained her composure after racing for that little potato!

July 10th, 2007

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I love the beach!

Just a very quick update--I think I've been to the beach twice since I last posted.  I tried to post one night, but I think I was drunk and it didn't go through.  At least I can't see it, so who knows where it is.

Just got back from the beach Sunday.  It was a great half week down there.  Very relaxing and low key and just what I needed.  PLUS--I got to eat lunch at Louis's Fish Camp (which I adore) and I got fried green tomatoes (which I worship).  It was hella good.

I finally have the upstairs air fixed--its been out since the 3rd.  Maybe the 4th.  Its been hot up here.  I'm talking 90 in the afternoon.  But its fixed--some sort of motor had to be replaced.  This is the second time I had to have that unit looked at since I bought the house.  Downstairs unit is great, but I think the upstairs has more age on it.  But its happy now and cooling me off.  (Although I enjoyed sleeping with the windows open.)

Not too much else is going on---I'm avoiding school.  I'm not ready to go back and don't want to think about working.  I'm playing alot of golf, but played terribly Sunday.  I'll probably head to the Berry tomorrow to get in a good round.  I bought an awesome sundress at J Crew but can't wear it because my tan lines are so bad.  So I'm working on that this week, too.  Plus I'm headed back to the beach Sunday (just for a few days), so I can give them some attention then, too.

I guess that's it.  I tried to put clear polish/strengthener on my nails last night, but I worked in the garden this morning, so they are in terrible shape.  Oh well.  A for Effort.  :)

June 8th, 2007

But it might not be.  I think I'm going to be holed up inside doing grad school homework.  After I meet up with Ben and do color guard homework first!  At least there will be food involved in that.

Inside will be good to me today.  Went to the pool yesterday and got a little red.  (I almost typed 'got a little read' and I did that too!)  Most of it has gone in, but there's some that needs to.  So inside should be good.  What's not good is that I am on the computer instead of getting ready for lunch.  I'm thinking my gay boyfriend won't care how I look.

Didn't sleep last night.  Fell asleep hard and fairly early and then woke up around 2:30 and could get back to sleep.  It was miserable.  So I slept in this morning--a day when I needed to get up and get motivated.  But it feels good.

I have a friend with a problem.  This friend has an ex, as we all do, that won't go away, which most of us do.  Although my exes are fairly normal and I enjoy hanging out with them.  (Insert you own you-will-marry-that-boy comment here.)  This friend's ex is not normal and there is no hope and its just stalkerish.  Its weighing heavily on my mind, but she is finally letting me in to help some.  And letting the new beau in to.  Its good to realize that we can't do it all on our own--although I prefer to pretend to.  So I'm worried about her and how to help her and yesterday was filled with drama that the ex caused, yet again.  But she's finally making some great decisions and I applaud her for that.  But I'm a fixer and I want to fix.

I guess that's it--I'm off to the shower.  What to wear, what to wear...I think pink plaid shorts, pink tank, and white see-through sweater.  I love summer clothes!  :)
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